May 16, 2019

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We are the beautiful colours

Yes, I'm disappointed.
So much too.
I am disappointed with people,
with those people who want to have everything,
with those people who say they want to help people,
when they are only helping their ego.

I am disappointed with the stereotypes
that are always there.
I am disappointed that we are now
in the 21st century,
but there are still very backward people.

We have a voice,
but we always use it the wrong way.
We scream things in our mind,
which would help us out once,
but we don't do it,
because we are afraid of the judgment of others.

We are afraid
that the person sitting next to us
thinks we are too full and we are taking the whole seat
so let's try to shrink like ants.

We are afraid
of being too solar and kind
because they may think we are too easy people.

We are afraid
of being too silent
because they might think we are gloomy.

We are afraid
of being ourselves when we ourselves
become angry with other people
when they behave differently and bury the true part of themselves.
But can we always fix that right?
I think yes.

We are always convinced
that we cannot do anything for all this.
But we can, and how if we can!

We can help those
people who need it or at least try,
instead of judging them!

We are very good
and quick to make everything look bad,
when sometimes we are the ones
to produce badness.

We are still locked up
in our backward thoughts,
when it takes absolutely nothing
to open up!

We still cannot
understand that if we fight together
for our dreams,
we will be able to achieve something.

They lock us up
in that little bubble,
where there is only malaise,
pain and malice!

But I don't want to be alone anymore.

I have the voice to speak,
but won’t use it only to speak;
but I will also use it to act.

Because he kept thinking
that together
we are stronger
and more capable.

Aminata Niang
17 jaar
klas azuur

Het prikbord is bonte verzameling van losse flarden.. Hier krijgen dromen en ideeën, fantasieën en meningen die welverdiende vrije uitloop. Grote en kleine gedachten genieten hier de juiste aandacht..